White Paper

StarSIP AlwaysUp

The Ultra-Reliable SIP Solution Businesses With Legacy PBXs Need

StarSIP AlwaysUp Is The Answer For Businesses With A Legacy PBX Who Are Looking To Improve Reliability And Add Functionality

Completely replacing a legacy PBX can be an expensive proposition that is simply not a viable option for many companies. However, companies with legacy PBXs still suffer from low call quality, lack of advanced communications features, and uncertainty regarding the future of their service.

Star2Star developed StarSIP AlwaysUp to solve these problems and provide companies who cannot immediately replace their legacy PBX with an ultra-reliable alternative. Read more to find out how StarSIP AlwaysUp can benefit businesses of all sizes.

What You'll Learn

  • The Differences Between StarSIP AlwaysUp And Traditional PSTN Service
  • How StarSIP AlwaysUp Improves Communications Reliability
  • How StarSIP AlwaysUp Improves Business Operations With Advanced UC Features