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Why Small Businesses Should Choose Cloud-Based VoIP

Posted by on May 31, 2018 7:03 am

If you want to grow into a large enterprise, it’s important to remain vigilant about how you spend money. After all, seven out of 10 small companies will go out of business within 10 years, and many will barely even make it through the first. 

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With this in mind, if you’re thinking about purchasing your own telephony system, think again. Doing so would be extremely resource-intensive, as it requires hefty capital and operational expenditures. It’s hard to justify buying your own telephony equipment when there are so many vendors on the market offering high quality hosted VoIP services through the cloud. 

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Most IT decision makers tend to agree, too. In a recent study, 77 percent of decision-makers said they wanted hosted telephony systems. 

The Benefits Of Cloud-Based VoIP

Cost savings aside, here are some of the top reasons why small businesses should opt for cloud-based VoIP: 

Better Quality

Countless performance issues can arise on a network that can impact VoIP communications, resulting in delayed packet transmissions and garbled conversations. If you own your own on-premise phone system, your team will be responsible for identifying, locating and fixing issues when they arise. If you work with a cloud provider, you won’t have to worry about optimizing your network for voice traffic. You will receive high-quality voice services, backed by a service level agreement. 

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Rapid Scalability

Growing businesses need to be able to scale rapidly, something that is very difficult and expensive to do when managing your own communications network. Cloud-based VoIP providers can offer rapid and affordable scalability, helping businesses respond effectively as their customers fluctuate. 

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Greater Flexibility

Businesses with multiple branch locations can avoid the complications of dealing with multiple service providers, choosing instead to access cloud-based VoIP from a single company.

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Easier Mobility

You can use a cloud VoIP system in conjunction with a unified communications (UC) platform to mobilize your workforce. Star2Star, for instance, can provide mobile access to a range of enterprise communications apps like voice, video, fax and more. 

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Improved Security

Cloud providers can offer advanced security features to protect your data, such as encryption as well as phishing and spoofing detection services. Cloud providers can also offer stronger physical access controls.

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