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Beat Seasonal Slowdowns With Unified Communications

Posted by on October 29, 2018 1:13 pm

seasonal slowdowns uc

We’re about to hit the dog days of August, which is usually one of the slowest months of the year for a B2B organization. Sales can take a direct hit during this time, as purchasing managers are more likely to be out of town on vacation and businesses are likely to put off making big decisions until they are fully staffed and aligned as a team.

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However, your team doesn’t have to lose momentum just because of a sales dip. The summer slowdown is just a mindset, and with the right strategy, you can keep your team working hard and staying productive no matter what time of the year it is.  

How To Beat Seasonal Slowdowns 

For sales and marketing managers, the trick is to keep workers focused and productive during slower times. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to have a powerful Unified Communications (UC) platform that combines voice, messaging, presence, and collaboration tools. 

Here are some of the top ways that UC can help your team stay productive during slower periods: 

Easy And Secure Messaging

seasonal slowdowns

A seasonal slowdown presents an ideal opportunity for sales and marketing teams to work together and strategize for busier times. With UC, employees can chat and exchange information in a secure and user-friendly hub either by text, fax, or voice. 

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Presence Tools

Collaboration can be difficult when employees are out of the office, working from home, or traveling to conferences and events. A UC platform will provide key presence tools so employees can keep track of where other team members are and see when they are available to communicate.

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Cloud Communications

seasonal slowdowns uc

Managers often want to allow flexible work from home policies during the summer and winter months, but they lack the technical ability to keep teams connected and communicating with one another. Since UC can operate through the cloud, employees can have access to their desktop communications tools right over the internet. This makes working at home just as reliable as being onsite.

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Integration With The Entire Business 

A UC system can unite various teams by giving everyone access to the same data and tools. With UC, for instance, it’s possible to integrate a customer relationship management (CRM) system with your business’s phone system so that agents can always have the latest customer information. So even if employees leave for vacation or go home early for the afternoon, they will be sure to have the latest updates and announcements when they return to work.

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Disaster Recovery

seasonal slowdowns uc

Summer and winter can bring unpredictable weather patterns, preventing travel and disrupting onsite communications systems. Since UC operates through the cloud, teams can continue to access important files and tools as long as they have an internet connection. UC can also be accessed over a mobile connection, adding yet another layer of failover.

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Plus: Built-In Savings

There’s more, too: UC can save your business a tremendous amount of money on telecommunications. This can be a big help during slower times when less money is rolling in. 

For instance, UC enables line bursting and pooling. A bursting system will allow your business to automatically add an additional telephone line as it’s needed if all of your company’s phone lines are in use. Pooling, in addition, will allow your business to share phone lines across multiple branch locations regardless of how you divvy them up.

The cost-saving benefits of UC are also ensured by the built-in reliability of some systems which prevents unnecessary downtime and ensures crystal-clear voice quality. 

As you can see, UC can boost productivity, enhance collaboration, and save your company money during seasonal slowdowns.